Why Cari is Running

“For Minnesota to be a place our children want to live in the future we need to address climate change today.”
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Environmental Stewardship and the Climate Crisis

We need to invest in a clean economy that places the stewardship of our water and natural resources and the health of our residents over profits for fossil fuel interests and corporations.

We need to instill a love for nature in our children and lead on environmental conservation for the next generation.

Climate change is already having significant impacts on Minnesota, including a disproportionate impact on disadvantaged communities. 


Education Equity

Every child in Minnesota deserves the opportunity to succeed.

We need to make dramatic changes to how we invest in education to ensure all children have a high quality education from preschool through college or the trades.

Minnesota’s long standing reputation as a top state for education isn’t true for everyone. We must close the opportunity gap for children of color in our state. 

Gender Equity

Minnesota needs to strengthen state protections for women and underrepresented communities by passing the Equal Rights Amendment.

Across the country, women’s rights are being eroded and rolled back.

We need to eliminate the many restrictions for abortion and prenatal services, and solidifying women’s right to choose.

Gun Violence

Lack of action on gun violence is one of the most disgraceful failures of our time and a dereliction of duty on the part of our elected officials who have failed to act.

We need to take action in Minnesota by passing universal background checks, red flag laws, and other measures to curb gun violence. 

Health Care

It’s time to implement the Minnesota Health Plan so all Minnesotans have access to the health care they need.

It’s clear that the private health care system has failed to create affordable solutions that work for Minnesotans.

No one should have to launch a Go Fund Me account to pay for life-saving procedures or choose between going to the doctor or paying rent.

“The Carpenters are proud to back Cari Ness for the Minnesota House. Cari grew up in a union household and shares our values of hard work and she has the work ethic to serve St. Paul,” said John Raines, the Executive-Secretary Treasurer for the Carpenters Union. “She will be a champion for labor and progress in Minnesota.

John Raines

Executive-Secretary, North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters

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Cari is a new voice in Minnesota
politics ready to fight for what’s right for Minnesota families.

Our campaign is focused on
environmental stewardship,
women’s rights, and education.

Maximum contributions are $1000 per individual or $2000 per couple.

Checks are also welcome, payable and mailed to: Neighbors for Cari Ness
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