“I believe that Minnesota’s diversity is an asset and that by working together we can build a state that works for everyone.”

Endorsements are from the 2020 Election cycle.

Amy Brendmoen

“Cari is bullish on Minnesota and focused on our collective future. She is building a strong platform that centers around climate action and sustainability; we need this type of leadership now!”

~ Amy Brendmoen
St. Paul City Council President

Trista MatasCastillo

“I am proud to endorse Cari Ness because our communities need effective representatives at the Legislature who can work with their colleagues to bring back desperately needed funds and build progressive change. I know Cari will be that leader.”

~ Trista MatasCastillo
Ramsey County Commissioner


Mitra Jalali

“I’m so excited about the new energy and progressive vision that Cari will bring to the legislature for our community. Cari’s drive, thoughtfulness, and empathetic leadership are what I want in a partner and a champion at the Capitol. I know she’s all in on for homes for all, urgent action on climate, criminal justice reform and so much more. Join me in caucusing for Cari on February 25th!”

~ Mitra Jalali 
St. Paul City Council Member

Stonewall DFL

“We’re endorsing Cari Ness because she will bring the progressive leadership that the people of District 66A are clamoring for,” said Samuel Doten, Stonewall DFL chair.

“We need leaders who will do more than make the right vote, they need to fight to bring up issues that aren’t being addressed. That’s the only way LGBTQ rights have been won in Minnesota, and it’s the only way we’ll make progress on issues like climate or healthcare.”

Samuel Doten
Stonewall DFL chair

DFL Disability Caucus

“It’s my distinct privilege to announce that the DFL Disability Caucus has endorsed Cari Ness for House District 66A.” Said Noah McCourt, Outreach and Inclusion officer of the caucus.

“Cari’s fresh and innovative proposals on housing and healthcare as well as her advocacy for women’s rights will serve to address many of the disparities faced by Minnesotans with disabilities and we are proud to stand with her both on the campaign trail and in the halls of the Minnesota State Capitol.”

~ Noah McCourt
Outreach and Inclusion Officer


M. Kathleen Murphy

“With this new world order in recent days, now more than ever we need a new generation of leadership. It’s time to pass the baton at this crucial moment in history to begin rebuilding our social and political policies to work for ALL of us. Cari Ness is that leader for my community. I am proud to support her and hope you’ll join me in endorsing her to be our next State Representative.”

~ M. Kathleen Murphy, Falcon Heights


North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters

“The Carpenters are proud to back Cari Ness for the Minnesota House. Cari grew up in a union household and shares our values of hard work and she has the work ethic to serve St. Paul,” said John Raines, the Executive-Secretary Treasurer for the Carpenters Union. “She will be a champion for labor and progress in Minnesota.

~ John Raines
Executive-Secretary Treasurer for the Carpenters Union

Pat Gaarder

“Cari’s been my neighbor for 19 years and exactly what you would want.  Friendly, considerate, and concerned about the community. She spear-headed our block’s removal of leaves from the curb, initiated a very successful Flamingo Friday social hour for neighbors, and this year installed a prairie garden on the boulevard – demonstrating her recognition that local action can make a difference when addressing the issues we face.”

~ Pat Gaarder
Neighbor and former COO for Minnesota Historical Society


Teamsters Joint Council 32

“Cari is a fantastic candidate and we look forward to working with her in St. Paul.”

Sarah Stimple

“Cari has a fresh outlook on how to serve Minnesota. She’s a smart candidate that will fight for the environment, education and equality for all”

~ Sara Stimple, St. Paul


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