Redistricting and 2022

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It’s that time of year when campaigns are starting to gear up all across the state, and lots of folks have been calling, texting, and asking if I will run again in 2022.

I ran in 2020 because climate change is the single biggest existential threat to our state and the pandemic is but one symptom. The last 18 months have laid bare brutal inequities in our society between the rich and poor – from low wages, inaccessible child care, and a severely overburdened health and mental healthcare system, to rent instability and the stark injustice in our school systems – made more obvious and drastic through a year of virtual learning (or virtually no learning).

We are not doing enough.

At the same time, our district lines must be re-drawn to ensure fair representation in the state legislature. Due to the unprecedented delays in the census, however, redistricting has also been delayed and we may not know where the lines will fall until late March 2022.

That said, if the lines fall where we hope, I will be looking to you for support as I would be honored to represent you and our unique district in the Minnesota House in 2022.

Stay tuned and take care,

Posted November 2, 2021


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